For those looking for a simple, hands on approach to the stock market

What We Do

We build pick up and go, pre-baked, stock market trading strategies that stock market enthusiasts can easily execute on their own. Our goal is to make learning and executing stock market strategies as easy as picking up a book and reading the first sentence

How Does It Work

You virtually meet with us to learn the strategy and how the trading platform works

You set up your account, which virtually hooks into your TD Ameritrade account

You easily choose between running the strategy yourself or allowing us to automate it, by toggling automated trading on/off at the push of a button.

Last, choose your monthly plan based on the level of support you believe you will need.



$29/mo - no support


$99/mo - email/chat support


$499/mo - phone/video support

What Platform Do We Work With?

Currently only TD Ameritrade


No, it simply integrates with it and is completely separate
No, we only have access to the money you choose to invest with our system, which is separate from your TD Ameritrade account
No, in fact we limit the maximum you can invest until we feel comfortable with your understanding of our platform and trading strategy. There is also no minimum amount needed to invest.
At this time no. It is on our product road map, but we do not have an exact date for completion
Our support line is 651-528-2737

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